Hotels in Arta

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Infos - Online Booking: KATAFYGI, Furnished Apartments, Katarraktis, Arta

Furnished Apartments

Katarraktis, Arta

Infos - Online Booking: ELATOFILITO, Furnished Apartments, Athamani, Arta

Furnished Apartments

Athamani, Arta

PYRGOS, Furnished Apartments, Messopyrgos, Arta

Furnished Apartments

Messopyrgos, Arta

RestaurantAir-conditioningPets allowedBarSmoking Area/RoomRoof GardenMini MarketTVSatellite TVMinibarRefrigaratorIronKitchenShower/BathtubHeatingHair DryerFax - EmailInternet FacilitiesCoffee MakerTea MakerVideo - DVDCar ParkBarbeque
KEDROS GUESTHOUSE, Traditional Furnished Apartments, Katarraktis, Arta

Traditional Furnished Apartments

Katarraktis, Arta

RestaurantPets allowedBreakfast BuffetBarInternet RoomTelephoneTVRefrigaratorKitchenShower/BathtubHeatingFireplaceChildren's PlaygroundCar ParkBarbeque

Rooms to let

Kypseli, Arta

TVRefrigaratorKitchenHeatingCar Park