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At the northeastern Aegean lies the island of Great Gods and Victory, which in ancient times was believed to be sacred. The suggestive presence of the area makes Samothraki an International Center of Mystical Ceremonies, well-known for the "Kavirian Mysteries". The statue Victory of Samothrace is an object of international admiration and one of the most important exhibits at the Louvre museum. A replica of the statue can be found in the Museum of the Palaiapolis archaeological site. Kamariotissa, with its picturesque neighbourhoods, is the center of the cosmopolitan island and is ideal for any type of holidays. It is the starting point for trips to the green scenery, the natural sites, the mysterious "vathres", the clear blue sea, the lakes and the cool watered waterfalls and to the many antiquities of the island. Chora is the capital of the island. It was built amphitheatrically, at the heights of Koukos - Vrichos - Aretsouda Kokkinofoustanou, in the 15th century Loutra or Therma, at the northern side of the island, is one of the touristic developed areas of the island because of the hot springs, the wonderful green scenery and the clear blue sea. The plentiful waters differentiate Samothraki by the rest of the Greek islands. The island's numerable streams create sensational waterfalls and chilly "vathres", forming an exceptionally exotic scenery.